FAQ – frequently asked questions

Le Trabet – General

  • What is there to do in the area? There are many activities in and around Le Trabet and Carcassonne. A list of suggested activities is available on our website and more outdoor activities are suggested at Aude Actif.
  • Is the property suitable for families? Yes, the property is ideal for families. The gîtes are spacious with their own private terrace. A play area is also available at the pool. The property is 8.5 ha and surrounded by fields of sunflowers and vineyards. 
  • Are dogs allowed? Dogs are always welcome at Le Trabet as long as they are well-behaved. Please ask us when reserving.
  • Is there WiFi? Yes, we provide free WiFi in each of the gîtes as well as in a good part of the grounds and pool area.
  • How far is it to the next supermarket? Bakeries, butchers and shopping (supermarket) are in the next village (about 2-3 km). A large shopping center is about 15 minutes away close to Carcassonne.

COVID-19 Information

  • Is it safe to travel to Le Trabet? Yes, the frontiers have reopened and it is safe to travel to France and to Le Trabet. COVID-19 information for France is available here in english. There is also a map of cases and further information is available on Wikipedia and from the French ministry of Health.
  • How many Covid-19 infections have there been in the area? There have only been very few cases in the whole Aude province and surrounding departments. Most infections in France were registered in the northern and eastern part of the country.
  • How is social distancing enforced at Le Trabet? Claudia has been tested negative and will personally greet each guest. Each gîte has its own private terrace so that you can relax privately away from other guests.
  • Do you disinfect after each visitor leaves the gites? Yes, we carefully disinfect all rooms between guests.
  • What kind of disinfection measures are used? 
  • Rooms are cleaned with antibacterial spray. Disinfectant spray and masks are supplied to our guests upon arrival. 
  • Given that the pool is used by all guests, how is social distancing handled there? Each gîte has its own private zone with lounge chairs. There is enough space in the pool area for all guests to remain comfortably separated. The pool itself is large (7x15m).
  • What cultural sites are open for visit? All sites including La Cité are open. General rules for public health are in effect.
  • Are the local markets open? Yes, everything is open and fruits and vegetables are in full supply.
  • What changes in daily vacation activity do you anticipate this year as compared to a non-Covid-19 year? We recommend you use masks when entering shops. Some shops require their use while others only recommend it. Most shops have disinfectant spray or gel at their entrance. We provide some masks and hand-sanitizing gel upon arrival but strongly recommend you take all precautions during your travels. Once you have arrived at Le Trabet, we would like for you to simply relax and enjoy your holidays.