Way to Santiago

The way to Santiago de Compostela passes not far from Le Trabet through the cities and towns of Carcassonne, Montreal, Fanjeaux, Mirepoix and Pamiers. Both Montreal and Fanjeaux are visible from Le Trabet, with Montreal being the closest and about 15km away. The way to Santiago de Compostela winds itself through fields and little villages far from roads, and offers an ideal opportunity for reflection in a quiet and beautiful setting, or simply for some easy hiking.

The way is part of the French Grande Randonnée system which contains hiking paths throughout France. Distances for the parts along the way close to Carcassonne and Montreal are:

  • Carcassonne-Montreal: 23.7km (gpx file)
  • Montreal-Fanjeaux: 12.9km
  • Fanjeaux-Mirepoix: 25.9km
  • Mirepoix-Pamiers: 35.8km

It was in Fanjeaux that St. Dominic of Guzman, the founder of the Dominican order, stayed from 1205 until 1215, preaching against the Catharic heresy, and performing several of the miracles attributed to him.

Further information on the route as well as GPS tracks can be found at the following sites: